By Admin on 14/10/2013


It will be three years next month from when we replaced all our lighting in our Bistro and Shop, along with the warehouse complex here for energy saving alternatives.
We have saved every month on our electricity bill 


It was a large undertaking as you know as we have many units but the amount we have saved every month on our electricity bill over the period has now totally covered the cost of purchasing and replacing the GU10 bulbs with LED spotlights and the florescent tubes with T5'S


One of the other benefits we have seen is that we do not have to change the bulbs as often as we were. This is not only an additional saving in the number of bulbs we have to buy... I can count on one hand the number of LED spotlights we have had to change since we fitted them.. but aslo the cost of having someone go round changing them


Any savings on the electricity bill from October onwards are all ours and simultaneously we have also done our bit for the environment. Thank you for your assistance in fittin the new lighting for us


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