Any electrical installation will eventually deteriorate and develop some general wear and tear, and it can become dangerous if it is not corrected, which is something no business owner wants to hear.

There are two types of rewires that can be done; full and part rewires. Both tasks are completed for different reasons and both can be beneficial in different circumstances.

» Full commercial electrical rewires
» Part commercial electrical rewires

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Full commercial electrical rewires

Full rewires are when every part of the electrics, so this is all the wires, circuits, cables and accessories, are all replaced.

You can feel comforted knowing that all wiring in your business is completely new and safe for you, your employees and your customers.

You can even make everything neater when having a full rewire, whereby you can have any wires on show hidden behind the walls, and you could even ask the electrician to add any extra socket outlets so that you can get rid of any extension leads.

Part commercial electrical rewires

A part rewire, however, is where you only have a section of the installation replaced.

This could be done due to a fault being found in a particular place or if one part of the electrics has been damaged by a flood.

Sometimes a partial rewire is undertaken when a full rewire is unnecessary. This could be because only parts of the wiring are unsafe and the rest is perfectly fine, in this case, it would be an unnecessary cost to pay for a complete rewire.

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