When you know something is wrong with your electrics and you have to call out an electrician, most business owners will worry about what the damage will be as you already have so much else to pay for.

One of the main questions will be, “how much will this cost me?” Everyone always worries about an electrician or similar tradesman ripping them off and making them pay for things they don’t need.

However, with Mr. Electric Ipswich, you will be receiving a service from a fully qualified electrician without breaking the bank. If our electrician finds a fault within your electrical installation, but it can be fixed by simply replacing a part or component, then we will only replace this part unless you tell us otherwise.

Mr. Electric Ipswich always strives to provide the best customer service and never want you to feel uncomfortable when we are performing any work for you and your business, so we will never try and sell you more than what you need.

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