Nowadays, smart technology is all around us. Many things are now at the tip of your finger and Mr. Electric Ipswich is here to help you get up to date with the latest gadgets to help you day-to-day.

Pretty much everything can be done from your smartphone now. You can turn your heating or lights on from your phone, or speak to a device to find out the weather or traffic news. These new technologies are making many tasks around your home easier and more efficient, and Mr. Electric Ipswich can help you choose the best solutions for you and help to install them. 

There are so many smart options available, including smart thermostats, lighting, home monitoring, smart sounds, smart TV and smart appliances. As our electricians are fully qualified and registered, we will be more than happy to install any devices you have. 

We can even help advise you on what products would be best for you and your lifestyle. Devices such as the Nest Thermostat can be installed to help you control your heating from anywhere as long as you have access to your phone. It also learns your routine and adjusts the heating accordingly. This could then go hand-in-hand with the Nest Protect, a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that alerts your phone when there is a fire or if carbon monoxide is detected.

There are so many other devices, like smart alarm systems that alerts your phone when your burglar alarm sounds. You can then access cameras or cameras within your home to see if it is an actual burglar or just your cat. If it is a burglar, you can alert the police, and if it is just your cat, you can silence it from work. 

Smart lighting, coffee machines, sound systems, fridges, washing machine and so much more. Imagine the possibilities that open up with home automation. 

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